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CooperSurgical is a leader in manufacturing and marketing a wide range of trusted and innovative brands that assist clinicians in improving the health of women, babies and families worldwide. Through an aggressive growth and diversification strategy, CooperSurgical has evolved its portfolio of over 600 products to include key products and services used primarily by obstetricians and gynecologists in surgical and other medical procedures wherever they occur: in hospitals, surgical centers, medical offices and fertility clinics. CooperSurgical’s hospital and clinic offerings include brand name products that obstetricians and gynecologists have relied on for years. The company continues to evolve its product offerings from both internal development and through strategic acquisitions. Key products include Endosee®, an innovative diagnostic tool that makes hysteroscopy practical in an office setting, and Paragard® intrauterine copper contraceptive, the only non-hormonal intrauterine device (IUD) available in the United States. CooperSurgical is also a global leader in fertility and reproductive genomics and through the commercial business segment, CooperSurgical Fertility & Genomic Solutions, provides a full solution of media, equipment, microtools and genetic testing utilized in fertility clinics worldwide. In all healthcare settings, CooperSurgical partners with clinicians to understand and identify the diagnostic and therapeutic tools they need.

Ubicación geográfica en Costa Rica:

Provincia: Alajuela
Cantón: Alajuela

Rango de empleados en Costa Rica:

De 100 a 500


CooperMedical SRL

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