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Isthmus is a software development and testing company located in Heredia, Costa Rica. We are best known for our highly developed outsourcing model, one that is customized according to the individual requirements and project scope. Our clients, situated mostly in the US, come from a wide range of industries such as security, banking, mobile, healthcare, real state, logistics and chemical; all looking for the best quality, and our famous 20 - 40% cost reduction on projects. While we usually cater to small and medium size companies, we also work on critical projects for some of the biggest names included on Fortune 500 ranking. Most of our clients are US-based, as Costa Rica is very close to and shares a common business culture with the United States. Isthmus Software operates within a near perfect environment: Fluent communications in real time, same time zones and great natural resources make us a unique outsourcing partner for American companies, with excellent cost savings for them. Aurora , Frente cenada , edificio Eurocenter 1, Piso 1

Ubicación geográfica en Costa Rica:

Provincia: Heredia
Cantón: Heredia

Rango de empleados en Costa Rica:

De 50 a 100


Custom Application Development, Application Management & Maintenance, Software Application of Architecture and Design, Testing Services, Project Management

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