Tek Experts IT Solutions S.A.

Descripción de la empresa:

Tek Experts provides the services of a uniquely passionate and expert workforce that takes intense pride in helping companies manage their business operations. We care about the work we do, the companies we partner with, and the customers they serve. By delivering unrivaled levels of business and IT support, we make sure nothing gets in the way of our clients leaving their mark on the world. Our experience and expertise enable companies to focus on their core objectives, expand their service offering, and exceed their customer expectations. Because we think big, our work never stops. A hunger to exceed expectations and overcome challenges defines us. We negotiate and face obstacles head-on, and thrive under pressure. Agility, the determination to do a great job, and transparency are at the core of everything we do.

Ubicación geográfica en Costa Rica:

Provincia: San José
Cantón: San José

Rango de empleados en Costa Rica:

Más de 1000


Soporte técnico software., Soporte técnico a servicios de la nube., Soporte técnico a servidores y bases de datos., Soporte técnico a redes., Soporte técnico a aplicaciones., Soporte técnico a máquinas virtuales., Soporte técnico a dispositivos móviles., Soporte técnico a sitemas operativos.

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