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Viant is a global medical device manufacturer specializing in surgical technologies, orthopedics, cardiac & vascular, drug delivery, and diagnostics & monitoring. From design and development to manufacturing and assembly, Viant offers end-to-end capabilities to help bring our customers’ medical technology solutions to life. Our new name is rooted in the Latin word for life, which is the driving force behind all that we do. We’re in it for the lives of our customers and the lives of the patients who benefit from life-saving medical devices. And as a business, we’re in it for the long haul…for life. Viant is forging a new future by combining unmatched expertise and global scale to deliver big-company resources with small-company service and attention. We’re more than the sum of our parts. We’re building upon the strength of some of the industry’s leading companies - MedPlast, Advanced Surgical & Orthopedics (formerly an Integer™ division), Device Manufacturing Services (formerly a Vention® division), Coastal Life Technologies, and Orthoplastics – to drive innovation, deliver high-quality and empower our customers. Our leaders have deep experience in the OEMs we serve and understand the challenges you face. They’ve created a culture of relentlessly upholding your reputation for delivering high-quality, high-value devices that your customers depend on. Meet Viant: • 24 locations • 6000 employees worldwide • 2.1M sq. ft. of manufacturing & assembly space • 450 plastics processing machines • 425 milling, turning, Swiss, EDM, and laser precision machining centers • 30M ft. medical grade metal tubing produced annually Markets Served: Surgical Technologies, Orthopedics, Cardiac & Vascular, Drug Delivery, Diagnostics & Monitoring Sitio webhttp://viantmedical.comSectorServicios médicos

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Provincia: Heredia

Rango de empleados en Costa Rica:

De 500 a 1000


Servicios medicos

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