Descripción de la empresa:

Voiance is a part of CyraCom International, Inc., the leading provider of language interpreting services and employer of thousands of interpreters. Voiance impacts the lives of millions by connecting those with limited English proficiency to essential services – emergency services, finance, insurance, and more – in a language of their choice. We are looking for enthusiastic people who proficiently speak two or more languages to become phone interpreters. You’ll have the opportunity to be a person’s only voice during critical moments in their life - to make a difference daily. At Voiance, you will use the professional skills you learn in our interpreter training course to ultimately impact the lives of millions of limited-English proficient people. While at times interpreting can be a difficult job, it’s an incredibly rewarding one.

Ubicación geográfica en Costa Rica:

Provincia: Heredia
Cantón: Heredia

Rango de empleados en Costa Rica:

De 100 a 500



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